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Welcome to “In the Hole Golf”, a new concept in entertainment for the whole family. “In the Hole Golf” is a new and exciting board game that can be played by anyone from the age of seven. As a game of chance, 'In the Hole Golf' can be played on even par with all generations.

It could replicate your regular competitive friendly four- ball with your friends or act as an educational introduction to the wonderful game of golf for all
the family.

One of the biggest and best things about golf is because of the handicapping system you can play with golfers of all levels and still win.

The greatest thing about “In The Hole Golf” is that you don’t need to smack a drive 300 yards or be a master on the greens there are no handicaps everyone starts from the same level and anyone can win.

You can introduce you own side bets as you do on the course, you can introduce a prize for a birdie or a penalty for three puts or going in the water or the sand.

You can set a course record, play a stoke-play, match-play competitions you can play for points, pennies or pounds.

‘In the Hole Golf’ brings back the fun of families playing games together, with excitement and fun.

PS. No umbrellas or waterproofs required!!!

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  • Golf Ball Bullet Exciting, new family board game
  • Golf Ball Bullet Whole family appeal, 7 years through to grandma & grandpa
  • Golf Ball Bullet Set up and ready to play within a minute
  • Golf Ball Bullet Game of chance, anyone can win
  • Golf Ball Bullet Based on the game of golf
  • Golf Ball Bullet No knowledge of golf required
  • Golf Ball Bullet Flexible format, allows game to be played by 2 players over
          minimum of 9 holes, taking 15 minutes, or up to 4 players
          over 18 holes, taking about 45 minutes
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